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Night walk

This evening we reflected on our day and wrote our postcards home. We then finished our day with a walk to the post box. Keep your eyes peeled for some special deliveries 👀


11 thoughts on “Night walk

  1. Oh I can’t wait to get your postcard Kate! Dad is looking forward to it too! I hope you’ve had a great first day. Sleep well so you’re ready for tomorrow’s adventures! Night pud 😘 xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. Cant wait to receive the postcard. Hope you had a brilliant first day. Night Callum sleep well! We all love you loads ❤🤍 xxxxxxxxxxx


  3. Can’t wait to receive your postcard Darcey. Hope you had a good night’s sleep last night and hope you all have a fabulous day today. Love you lots and miss you so much and so do Blake and Gizmo. Xxx


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