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Unpacking with our friends

The announcements of the rooms was greated with lots of cheers from the happy children. We walked 11,500 steps so far today so we are ready for our tea at 6pm. Look at these happy faces.


12 thoughts on “Unpacking with our friends

  1. Wow Mollie!!! You got enough for a party in your room!!!! Xxxxxxxx The rooms look lovely too!!!! Don’t make them messy like you do at home!!!!! Xxxxx


  2. Hi lexie you all look so happy with your room friends hope you all have fun and so much laughter. . Your smile has lit my night up love you so much . Patch says hello . Enjoy your self miss you and love you lots mum and dad xx


  3. Oh Callum you look so happy with Jake and Kai! That smile has made my day. Have the best night we all love you so much xxxxxxx


  4. Hi Megan! Loving the happy smiley faces! Keep having a fabulous time – we are missing you lots! Lots of love Mum, Dad and Jessie xxx


  5. Hi Connor, looks like you’ve had a fab day and it’s lovely to see you smiling, I hope you’ve a great night and a fab day tomorrow, we miss you and we love you lots and lots xxx


  6. Wow it was a great first it was day! Sunningdale is lovely hotel, with fab food and comfy beds – a lovely base from which to start your adventures.
    Enjoy your cooked breakfast and I hope you love the Farne Islands today. Love Mrs Fearnley x


  7. Hi Megan ,hope you are having a great time the room looks lovely and you ,Megan e and Hannah look very happy 😊hope you slept well ,have a great day today ,love you and miss you ,mum ❤️❤️❤️Xxxxxx


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