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Boat trip fun

This afternoon we’ve had a great time on a boat trip around the Farne Islands, landing on Inner Farne. We managed to spot lots of seals and numerous species of sea bird. Did you know a gannets wing span can be up to 6 feet wide? The guides on Inner Warne were wonderful telling us lots of interesting information about the puffins who nest on there during the year. We also saw Longstone Lighthouse where Grace Darling did here great rescue from and took the same route to Great Harcar, the scene of the rescue. On the way back a child said ‘I’m going to bring my children here when I’m older’ to me that means we are making a lasting impression on these children. What a fabulous day.


7 thoughts on “Boat trip fun

  1. Wow looks like u had so much fun 😁 hope your enjoying it kai. We are all missing u but loving seeing all your lovely pics 😘😘😘 xx


  2. It’s looks so beautiful there and the weather looks great too! I’m so proud of you Kate for picking yourself up and having an incredible second day. Love you lots pud xxxxxxx


  3. Wow looks like you had lots of fun on the boat trip and saw lots of seals!! Lovely to see you having fun Arran, I told you you would! Love you and miss you lots but so glad you are having a good time! Love mum xx


  4. Yay you saw some seals! Looks like your having a great time Kayla…missing your questions🤣and your smiley face…love you lots ❤xxxx


  5. Wow amazing photos!!! What an adventure you are all having you’re all so lucky!!
    Enjoy Ava ou will definitely sleep to night love mum dad Franklin-George and tucks xxx


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