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Winner winner chicken dinner

After our busy day today we arrived back to beautiful chicken dinner. This was followed by scrumptious apple crumble and custard. Our tummies are full ready for our evening activities.


11 thoughts on “Winner winner chicken dinner

    1. Lexie one of your favourites meal hope you eat it all up and enjoy it . It loos yummy . Enjoy your evening love you lots mum and dad xx


  1. Look delicious!! have a lovely evening Megan – thanks for our postcard! Sent a picture of it to Grandad it really cheered him up! missing you lots and lots – Mum, Dad and Jessie xxx


  2. Looks like you have another yummy meal to eat! Enjoy your evening and sleep well. Enjoy whatever tomorrow has in store. Can’t wait till it’s tomorrow then I can say “you will be home tomorrow” 2 more sleeps and counting!! Love you loads Arran. Love mum xx


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