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Friends forever

As our week draws to an end we have spent time reflecting on our friendships and how we have cherished this special time together. I’m sure the memories will last for a very long time.


11 thoughts on “Friends forever

  1. Wow these are so nice they all look so happy . Friends forever and memories that will never be forgotten ♥ just perfect ❤ . Xx


  2. Love these pictures I bet they all had a fab time. Just want to say thank u to all teachers that have took them and made there trip amazing for them all. Have a fab last night Kai and will see u tomorrow love u lots xxx

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  3. Aw such lovely pictures. So many wonderful memories and experiences you’ve all had this week. I hope you’ve all enjoyed yourselves 💝💙 xxxx


  4. What lovely photos !! Looks like a brilliant week has been had by everyone – happy, smiley faces everywhere! See you soon Megs – Jess is on countdown!! Xxx


  5. This post made me emotional. Its so lovely to see such amazing friendships. Im so proud of you Riley and I hope you have had the best time with your friends. You will treasure these memories forever. We love you and can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Our house isn’t the same without you xxxx


  6. Brilliant photos!! I am sure this will be a trip you will always remember!
    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow Dish we’ve all missed you so so much, but have loved seeing you so happy with all your friends having such a wonderful time! Xxx


  7. Lovely photos!!! So glad the children have enjoyed it and made lots of memories not just with their friends but with teachers too! Thank you again for taking care of Callum and not giving up on him when kept changing his mind. Couldn’t ask for better teachers and school! Everyone enjoy the last night. Xxx


  8. What lovely pictures ,you look like you’ve had the best week Meg’s ,missed you so much ,can’t wait to see you tomorrow love ,love you loads sleeptite 😘❤️❤️Xxxxxx


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