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GPS on tour!

As our time in Northumberland comes to an end the children collaborated to create an installation representing our school.


6 thoughts on “GPS on tour!

  1. Looks like you’ve had another lovely day!. Can’t wait to see and give you a great big hug tomorrow selina. Jakey has been looking for you, wondering where you are. Love you honey bunch, mum, dad, Gina, Stella xxxxxx


  2. Love this !!! It’s looks like you have had another super day lexie can’t wait to see you tomorrow and give you a big hug I’ve so missed our hugs and cuddles . Get a good night’s sleep mum and dad will see you tomorrow when we pick u up the count down is on love you sweetie 😘 💕 ❤ xx


  3. How brilliant!! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip Ava. We’re all so excited to get you home! It’s been too quiet without you love you xxx


  4. I love this im so glad you got this experience Riley of going away with your friends. Thankyou to the staff who have given our kids the best time and made amazing memories xxx


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