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Morning everyone

We have lots of tired faces this morning as the children had to be woken up. However they are also excited to learn more about St Cuthbert and look for his beads.


15 thoughts on “Morning everyone

  1. Good Morning everyone. Enjoy your day today. Thank you for all the pictures your putting on, its so nice to see everyone enjoying themselves! Cannot wait to see you tomorrow Kara, Cole keeps asking how long until your home. Love and miss you loads love mommy xx


  2. Good morning Kate! It’s just one more sleep now until we can have a huge big cuddle 🤗
    Sounds like you all have another exciting day ahead. Enjoy yourselves! Xx


  3. Morning everyone, looks like your having such a good time. Have fun on Holy Island don’t get stuck. George see if you can find that window we saw Benjamin take his first steps from.

    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow, lots of love mum x


  4. Good morning lexie hope your OK and ready for another busy day enjoy your day . Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. We love you lots mum and dad xx


  5. Good Morning Jake, you’re looking tired this morning. Hope you have another exciting day & enjoy your last full day/night.
    We can’t wait to see you tomorrow.
    Big hugs from Mum, Dad & Bella x


  6. Good Morning Megan ,hope you have a lovely day ,looking forward to having you home tomorrow,missed you being bossy with me 😊love you xxxxxx


  7. Morning Mollie 😘 Hope you enjoy your last full day! Think of me stuck at work all day won’t you! Missing you so much! Even Lucie is really missing you now. Xxxxxx Love you lots and see you tomorrow!!!!!


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