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Thank you

A huge thank you to Mrs Jenkinson, Mr Lindley and Mrs Barlow for making our week in Northumberland an amazing experience for our children.


12 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Thank you for such a huge efforts and all that patience you all have while being with such active group of kids. The trip was amazing leaving kids with unforgettable experience ❤


  2. Thank you to all the staff for caring and looking after our children these memories they will cherish for a very long time . Lexie has really enjoyed her self .Thank you again for everything xx


  3. Thank you to all the teachers for looking after the children all week you have done an amazing job. Darcey has had a brilliant time. Have a well deserved rest this weekend xx


  4. Thank you so much for an amazing trip, Aston has loved every minute of it! Go home and rest with your family’s now! Thanks again ❤️❤️❤️💙


  5. I want to say a massive thanks to all the staff, thanking for taking time out of your own lives to enrich that of our kids. You really are fabulous xx


  6. Thank you to all staff for the memories and experience Callum will never forget. Thank you for taking care of him. He’s absolutely loved it and done nothing but talk about it. Have a well deserved rest over the weekend xxx


  7. Thank you to all the staff and to you Mrs Cook for taking care of our children on this trip. They’ve had an amazing adventure and made the best memories ❤️


  8. Thank you very much to all staff – Megan has had an amazing time! She’s also told us how people were there to help and support her when she was unsettled – thank you! Hope you are all relaxing with a well deserved tipple of choice! 😍


  9. Thank you to all of the staff for all of your hard work and looking after our little gems. Plus thank you for making amazing memories with them. Loved looking through all of the pictures and seeing big smiling faces. Our Hannah really enjoyed it she has told me all about it and how much fun she has had. Bet you are all glad to be home and relaxing now you all deserve it x thank you xx


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