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Saving the best til last

This evening we had a lovely evening meal of fish and chips.


8 thoughts on “Saving the best til last

  1. That looks delicious Arran!! Enjoy your last meal and you last evening. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow, I’m so excited to have you home! Love you millions, see you tomorrow xxx


  2. Lexie your evening meal looks lovely hope you enjoyed it . Enjoy your last night with your friends making memories. Hope you have all had a lovely week making special memories with all your friends you can cherish these forever . Love you lexie xx


  3. Looks delicious! What a fabulous week you have had! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow – have a brilliant last night! Lots of love Mum, Dad and Jess xx


  4. Wow Connor your tea look delicious!! Looks like you’ve had another amazing day, we’re so glad you’ve had a great time but we have missed you loads and can’t wait to see you tomorrow, we love you lots and lots xxxxx


  5. Fish & Chips! The best til last. Me Dad grandad carlo and Karen have had fish & chips today Jake!! Yours looks nicer though.
    See you tomorrow, can’t wait to have you home and hear all about your adventures xx


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