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Northumberland 2021

Northumberland Residential 2021

Keep up to date with our amazing adventures in Northumberland.

We can’t wait to share this experience with you.


Thank you

A huge thank you to Mrs Jenkinson, Mr Lindley and Mrs Barlow for making our week in Northumberland an amazing experience for our children.

Our final destination

We’ve had a quick pit stop at the Sage in Gateshead and learnt lots of interesting facts about the Millennium Bridge.

We’re coming home!!!

Get ready for the peace to be shattered. We are all excited to be coming home to our loved ones. We have had a wonderful week. The children have been great and it has been a pleasure to spend time with them.

Grace Darling Museum

After listening to the story of Grace Darling we have visited the museum all about her life. We watched a film of the rescue and gained a greater insight into the interior of the lighthouse. We even learnt how to light the lamp of the lighthouse.

Our final morning

On our final morning the children spent time sketching Bamburgh Castle and reflecting on the amazing week they have had.

St Mary’s Church – Lindisfarne

Today we explored the beautiful St Mary’s Church on Holy Island. The children enjoyed hearing stories about St. Cuthbert and how he was carried by the monks for seven years before arriving in his final resting place in Durham.

Grace Darling

It’s our last night in Bamburgh and the children were treated to the bedtime story of Grace Darling by Mrs Cook.

Friends forever

As our week draws to an end we have spent time reflecting on our friendships and how we have cherished this special time together. I’m sure the memories will last for a very long time.

Lindisfarne learning

We travelled to Lindisfarne, also known as the Holy Island, by coach, when the road was revealed by the tide. We spent time exploring the priory and learning about St Cuthbert before enjoying some calming, mindfulness sketching. Next we spent time searching the beach for St Cuthberts beads – fossilised sections of sea lily stems.…

GPS on tour!

As our time in Northumberland comes to an end the children collaborated to create an installation representing our school.

St Cuthbert’s beads

We spent time on the beach looking for St Cuthbert’s beads and had the opportunity to look at St Cuthbert’s Isle where he spent many years living as a hermit.


After crossing the causeway we spent time in the priory reliving the life of St Cuthbert . We tried to imagine how his life would be different from ours.

Lindisfarne Priory

It’s s a windy morning here in Lindisfarne. We have looked at the beautiful architecture and imagined what life would have been like for it’s inhabitants many many years ago.

Morning everyone

We have lots of tired faces this morning as the children had to be woken up. However they are also excited to learn more about St Cuthbert and look for his beads.

Winner winner chicken dinner

After our busy day today we arrived back to beautiful chicken dinner. This was followed by scrumptious apple crumble and custard. Our tummies are full ready for our evening activities.

And they’re in!!!!

Before we started our sandcastles the children were desperate for a dip!

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

This afternoon we’ve had a fabulous time on the beach working in groups to build sandcastles representing the features of a castle. The children used excellent learning skills to replicate some wonderful castles. As the weather was so nice we even had time for a cheeky ‘paddle’. We are now showering ready for tea and…

Bamburgh Castle

We had a fantastic morning exploring Bamburgh Castle and learning about it’s history. Our favourite room was the armory, especially when we found out all the weapons had been used in battle because blood and tissue samples had been recovered from them! We also spent time enjoying the stunning views from the castle walls and…

Travelling back through time

This morning we have had an interesting time looking inside Bamburgh Castle and thinking about how life was in the past. The children weren’t too keen on the dungeons but were fascinated by the real weapons that had been used.

Bamburgh Castle

We have spent this morning in Bamburgh Castle. Unfortunately the communication methods used 12,000 years ago do not interface with our phone signal!!! We will upload lots of pictures as soon as we can 😁

Amazing rock pool art work

This evening we have reflected on what we saw earlier. The children used their artistic skills to recreate a rock pool before writing about what they caught this morning.

Rockpool Art

After tea we spent some time reflecting on what delights we saw within the rockpools in Seahouses. Seaweed to starfish, crabs to cowrie shells and many many more were added into the wonderful artwork.

Farne Island and St Cuthbert’s Chapel

St Cuthbert spent eight years on Inner Farne. He moved there to live the life of a hermit, but several others followed!! Today we followed in his footsteps and were lucky enough to have a guided tour around the island by Adam and Connor from the National Trust. We saw the recently departed puffin nests…

Ready for tea!

After a quick shower we were ready to demolish our tea. Bamburgh bangers and mash was on the menu tonight and it lasted approximately 5 minutes!!!

Seal spotting!

We had an amazing boat ride around the islands this afternoon and were lucky enough to see lots of seals enjoying the sunshine! We then visited the Inner Farne Island and learned all about puffins!

Boat trip fun

This afternoon we’ve had a great time on a boat trip around the Farne Islands, landing on Inner Farne. We managed to spot lots of seals and numerous species of sea bird. Did you know a gannets wing span can be up to 6 feet wide? The guides on Inner Warne were wonderful telling us…

Nature art

In Seahouses today we took a moment to look at art in nature.

Rockpooling in Bamburgh

We have had a fantastic morning searching the rock pools in Bamburgh. We have carefully caught and identified many different types of creature before returning them to their natural homes. We have all felt calm and relaxed being around nature and are now ready for dinner and our boat ride this afternoon…

Can you guess what we saw????

This morning we had a wonderful time looking for creatures in the rock pools. We looked carefully to appreciate the shapes and colours in nature. The loudest shout of the day went to Mrs Jenkinson who caught a starfish. We all scaled a 5 after this wonderful time experience.

Good morning world!

We’ve all had a good sleep and are refreshed for our day. We are just filling our tummies ready for another busy day.

Night walk

This evening we reflected on our day and wrote our postcards home. We then finished our day with a walk to the post box. Keep your eyes peeled for some special deliveries 👀


After a busy first day Mrs Cook introduced the children to journaling to allow them time for reflection and mindfulness.


We’ve had a fantastic day in Beamish, starting with a tram ride, before visiting the bank, drapery, hardware store, pit houses and school. We had fun hoop rolling in the schoolyard before leaving for the next leg of our journey.

Food envy

The children were definitely ready for their tea tonight and it was consumed in approximately 5 minutes. We are now waiting patiently for our ice cream.

Unpacking with our friends

The announcements of the rooms was greated with lots of cheers from the happy children. We walked 11,500 steps so far today so we are ready for our tea at 6pm. Look at these happy faces.

Beamish School

After lunch we visited Beamish School. The children learned how play with a boola before their walk back to the coach. A lovely suprise was listening to some beautiful singers in the sunshine.

Around town

We have enjoyed the afternoon walking around town and visiting various shops and businesses. The children reflected on how different thing were in the past to now. Joseph found the dentist verrrrrrry scary!

Beamish Bank

The children enjoyed looking around the old bank and making comparisons with banks of today. They even went down into the vault and saw Mr R O Dent!!!!

We’ve arrived at Beamish

Following a great journey we’ve arrived at Beamish. The sun is shining and we are enjoying seeing what life was like in the past. We’ve even enjoyed a picnic in the sun.

And we’re off!

The children are all on the coach and excited for the week ahead. Staff need earplugs!!!!

Getting excited!

Preparation is now complete and hopefully all cases are packed. The weather forecast is looking good for the week so all there is to do now is get a good nights sleep ready for the morning. Sweet dreams everyone!

35 thoughts on “Northumberland 2021

  1. Hope you all have a lovely time. Can’t wait to see more pictures . Love you and missing you already Hannah x enjoy yourself xx


  2. Hope you all have the best time Jake!
    Make lots of memories with everyone and have plenty of laughs together. Looking forward to seeing the pictures throughout the week.
    Bella is missing you but we’ve bought her a new ball so she’s happy!
    Love you lots, Mum & Dad xx


  3. Some Fab photos! Done so much already!! Hope you’ve had a lovely day Mollie! Lots of love Mum, Dad, Lucie and Kennie! Xxxx


  4. Have a lovely time Riley, can’t wait to see all the pics of what you’re upto. Missing you but I know you will be having the best time with your mates son. Love us all xxxx


  5. Looks like you are all having a lovely time ,looking forward to seeing more photos ,have a great time Megan ,love and miss you already ❤️Xxxxxxxxx


  6. Hope you all are having a brilliant time.
    You look like you are enjoying yourself Callum told you it would be fun! Loving the pictures and can’t wait to see more! Izzy and Jax are ok. We all love you so much and missing you ❤🤍 xxxxxxxx


  7. Hope you have all had a brilliant day.
    Try not to stay up until midnight George.
    Love you lots mum and dad
    Benjamin said he wants to wait while you get back to go bowling. X


  8. Hope you are having a great time
    Dylan 😀 Benjamin has said he’s missing you (a bit) already!!! Have fun. Can’t wait to see more pictures xxxxx


  9. Looks like your having lovely time ..glad you all got there safe and sound . Tell Ellie missing her already ..have fun xx


  10. Great photos, looks like your all having a fab time…miss you like crazy already Kayla. Ciara keeps looking for you🤣 have lots of fun making memories, love you loads ❤xxxx


  11. Just received our post card Dylan. Lovely to hear about Beamish and that you had slag Bol for tea!
    Miss you love mum, Dad, Benjamin and Wills xxxx


  12. Recieved our post card today Nathan. Good to know you having a lovely time. We love and we missing you. Enjoy every bit.xx
    From Dad, Mom, Cyrus and Adesuwa


  13. Thank you for our postcard Holly, it looks like your having so much fun. Carry on enjoying yourself and i will see you soon. Love you the most. Mummy


  14. Hi Joe, thank you do much for your post card. We have been looking at the photos of all the nice places you have been. We cannot believe you have eaten a chicken dinner, I hope this is your new favourite meal. See you Friday. Love mum, Dad and Billy xxx


  15. Hi Ellie hope you are ok ..seen your photos looks so much fun ..missing u .can’t wait to see you tomorrow you xx


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